Aug.04.16 at 12:30 pm


Team Robo is going to Boston Comic Con. It's August 12 - 14th. You'll find us at Table C-810 in Artists Alley where we will be selling hardcovers, posters, IDW's multi-volume collections, and a bunch of other stuff. You should drop by, say hello, and trade your worthless Earth Dollars for our amazing adventure products!

Do I have to draw you a map? 'CAUSE I DID!


But wait!

That's not all!

We're also attending NYCC! That show is October 6 - 9th. We'll be in Artists Alley at this one too because it's the only part of the show that's not a nightmare of endless flesh. We have no map (yet) so consider this your warning that we will be there somewhere and you should plan to drop by just in case it's the last chance we have to see you guys before the collapse of civilization. We will trade you many trinkets that will be valued in the wasteland to come as a source of hints about the Old Ways.

You could build a new mythology out of them!

Or fuel! Books burn for much longer than paper money. Buy our books.